We know you have a lot on your agenda, but that you also want to keep your team engaged and energized throughout the day. From walking meetings to food workshops to kayaking on the bay, we have big and small ideas that will help augment your agenda and keep your team listening, learning and engaged.

Workshops can be great fun, but they work best when they are aligned with your agenda. We’ve provided some initial ideas below, but as a guest to Miramar Farms please know that we are here to provide expert guidance in designing any of these workshops to fit your goals and agenda.

get outdoors and play

Miramar Farms offers a spectacular setting for outdoor activities, including about a mile of walking trails and 11 acres of fields and coastal hillside. We highly encourage you to plan a walking meeting or some free time into your program so that you have time to explore. And be sure to set aside time to take a thoughtful moment or two walking our labyrinth.

You are welcome to wander the property on your own, or we are happy to provide a 30–40 minute farm tour led by our staff and resident mascot Luke the Labrador retriever.

For more structured experiential learning, ask us about:

Leadership Adventures with Drew McAdams

There is nothing like a little playful competition to build teamwork and bring out the best (and worst) in our communication skills. Drew will get your whole group engaged as they work in teams to complete a series of challenges designed to encourage problem-solving, teamwork and effective communications. Drew has been working with corporate teams for over a decade. He is a master trainer and communicator who reminds us that everything we ever learned about working with others started out with playtime.

Time: 1–1.5 hours
Fee for service. Ask us for a custom quote.

Kayaking and Breakfast on the Beach

kayakAn early-morning paddle in Princeton Harbor is an incredible and a memorable way to kick off your day. We’ll work with the team from Half Moon Bay Kayak Company to set you up with double or single kayaks as early as 7:00am—when the winds are calm and the seals are curious. Before you head back to Miramar Farms to dive into work, we’ll have a farm-fresh picnic breakfast on the shore.

Time: 1–2 hours
Fee for service. Ask us for a custom quote.

Gallop Ventures

Gallop Ventures is a powerful and unique method for helping individuals and teams understand their personal leadership style, as well as the team behaviors that drive group interaction. This is a chance to spend time outdoors with some amazing animals—and to draw on the innate sensibilities of horses to increase awareness and explore relationships, communication, goal setting, and teamwork. Most of our clients walk away from Gallop Ventures with significant “aha” moments—an uplifting experience that catalyzes positive change and a greater sense of connection to self, others, and the world. This is an on-the-ground experience and does not require previous experience with horses.

Time: Minimum 4–5 hours, including travel time down the coast to Pescadero, California
Fee for service. Ask us for a custom quote.

When you get people in the outdoors, the armor comes off . . . and you get to have these very real and down to earth conversations.

eat good food

At Miramar Farms, good food is center stage. We grow most of what we serve to our guests, so this is truly a farm-to-table experience. And we know that food is about so much more than sustenance—food is community, joy and celebration. It is a chance to gather together and pause to say “thanks.” So, if you and your team would like to learn some new kitchen skills, create a special meal together and eat a very memorable lunch at the farm, join Chef Robin and her team for a cooking workshop.

Time: 1–2 hours (including time for lunch)
Fee for service. Ask us for a custom menu and quote.
Note: Food workshops are generally limited to groups of 16 or fewer.

Please thank everyone for every great and delicious moment!

take a break

We want you to have a really productive day at Miramar Farms. But we also know that you have a really big job—a job that requires a lot of time and hard work. So we hope that you might take time to spend a quiet hour or so with our favorite wellness coach, Kerry McClure. Kerry has been working with Miramar Farms since our inception, with a customized wellness program that includes a blend of mindfulness, mediation and simple yoga stretches. After an hour with Kerry, you’ll leave Miramar Farms refreshed and ready to incorporate our wellness tips into your life.

Time: 60–90 minutes
Fee for service. Ask us for a custom quote.