There’s No Crying at Work . . . or Is There?

From the Desk of Jayne Battey She was midway through her practice-run for the board presentation. She was on fire —articulate, determined, visionary and passionate. I was with her completely. And suddenly there was a gasp as her words caught in her throat. She took a... read more

  From the desk of Jayne Battey. It is mostly dark outside, with just a bit of morning light peeking into the day. I pour the water, measure the coffee and have a minor tussle fitting the unfamiliar coffee pot into place. The rest of the house is asleep, and as I... read more

What’s up Doc?

“I’ve never eaten a carrot like this in my life.” Sunday Afternoon Guest to the Farm, Age 82.   I may be aging myself, but do you remember the Bugs Bunny cartoons? Bugs Bunny was always chomping on a fresh-pulled carrot. But now it seems carrots mostly come... read more

Sometimes You Just Fall Flat on Your Face

  I remember the sidewalk rapidly approaching my face . . . or rather my face rapidly approaching the sidewalk. Gravity was not my friend at this precise moment. In about two seconds time the toe of my shoe hit the curb, my knee and hand hit the sidewalk, my bags... read more


The barn smelled of pine and eucalyptus. The fireplace had been burning for hours and it warmed the room with a soft glow of embers. The squash soup was bubbly warm and an afternoon of holiday baking filled the table with treats. Alena and Kelly arrived with more bits... read more

This is Your Brain on Nature

Last week I told a little white lie. I was late for a phone meeting — and I told the caller that I was running late due to a prior meeting that ran long than expected.  Sounds reasonable and understandable, but it wasn’t exactly, um, true. The truth was,... read more

We Are Family

…From the desk of Jayne Battey My dad, Arthur Lincoln Turner, Jr., is one of nine children. As far back as I can remember there were cousins, aunts and uncles sprinkled across every aspect of my life. There were the beautiful older girl cousins who I shyly waved... read more

Ah, So This is What Compassionate Leadership Looks Like…

From the desk of Jayne Battey My nephew, Matt Balassone, saved a man’s life this past week. Actually, he may have saved the lives of three men—the one unconscious in the water and the two who went in to try and rescue him in Charleston Harbor. If it weren’t for Matt’s... read more

Spring is on the Way

…From The Desk Of Jayne Battey I am in the greenhouse every morning now—or as I keep inadvertently calling it, “the nursery”. It’s an easy mistake, or perhaps the more accurate name. As I unlatch the little door each morning, I am greeted by the... read more

We may just learn how to fly.

…From The Desk Of Jayne Battey She leaned in close to me and said, “It’s been a year and I can’t seem to move on. I can’t seem to let it go, even though I couldn’t stand to stay another minute. But it’s like I never existed... read more

Ready to Start my Rain Dance

…From The Desk Of Jayne Battey She turned the kitchen tap and there was no water. Not a drop. My niece Kim turned to me and said, “Well, I won’t be taking a shower this morning.” It was 10:00 in the morning and the water would be off until noon—when it would... read more

A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to Performance Reviews

…From The Desk Of Jayne Battey Miramar Farms is a young company — just about two years old this coming August. About eight months ago we hired our first full time employee. So this past spring I got ready to do my first performance review. I sat down with... read more

The Honey Bee Dance

…From The Desk Of Jayne Battey We were in the office, with the doors thrown open on a spectacular spring day, and I was on the phone with a client. But the hum coming from just outside the office was growing in volume and intensity. Was someone operating a... read more

The Heart of the Farm

…From The Desk of Jayne Battey They come off the little bus one at a time. Jordan. Egypt. Somalia. Abu Dhabi. Israel. They shake my hand, nod and with a shy smile introduce themselves and their country. Places I’ve never traveled; places I’ve only heard about in... read more

Lessons From the Farm

From the desk of Jayne Battey Question: How do you move a 50-pound bag of wet mulch? Answer: A little bit at a time. After two weeks of vacation over the holidays, I jumped in to tackle a bright fresh new year with energy, ambition and a full calendar. There were... read more

Retreats that Work

… From the desk of Jayne Battey Making Good on Your Investment Here’s a quick question for you: When you think about your next board or staff retreat, is your gut reaction: A. The excitement and energy that comes from the thought of sharing a day of... read more

Delilah of Miramar Farms

… From the desk of Jayne Battey Meet Delilah. Wonderfully tangerine in color and currently about the size of a beanbag chair, she is Miramar Farms’ pride and joy for the 2013 pumpkin-growing season. Delilah had us worried. She was a late bloomer—planted as a... read more

Thanks, Lindley!

(or,  Why You Should be Optimistic About the Next Generation)     … From the desk of Jayne Battey This summer we were fortunate enough to have an outstanding intern at Miramar Environmental and Miramar Farms. Lindley Dobbrow is a rising Junior at U.C. Santa... read more

Chickens, Foxes and Hawks … Oh My

… From the desk of Mark Battey I looked down at my iPhone and saw the email subject line “Sad Chicken News” and thought, “This can’t be good.” It wasn’t. Jayne had walked down to see the chickens and at first just found feathers. After some frantic searching,... read more

A Call to Keep Leaning In

… From the desk of Jayne Battey I can see it coming out of the corner of my eye, and I am helpless to stop it. There it is—in the back corner, the hand of an eminently capable woman up in the air, waving, waiting to be called on.  And in the meantime, thirty men... read more