Namaste India: It is a Long Way From Miramar

… From the desk of Mark Battey My seatmate looked out the van window, saw the commotion and gasped, “Oh my God. It looks like we have an international incident brewing! I was in Noida, a New Delhi suburb, and had just finished a visit to a factory that made CDs... read more

An Afternoon Without an iPhone

… From the desk of Jayne Battey A couple of weeks ago I took a much needed few days away with two of my sisters to Carmel Valley, California. We did the typical girl-weekend stuff: spa, shopping, yoga, and lots and lots of talking. On our second afternoon there,... read more

My Mom the Entrepreneur

… From the desk of Jayne Battey On February 11, 2013, my mom passed away at the age of 87. Over the next four days, my family came together to plan and host a celebration of her wonderful life. All in all, it was an amazing week- full of heartache and joy;... read more

The Future is Already Here

… From the desk of Jayne Battey There is nothing like starting a new business to get you thinking about the future.  While I have had one foot grounded in the day-to-day, nuts and bolts of getting an office up and running (although clearly not very well—last... read more