From the desk of Jayne Battey.

It is mostly dark outside, with just a bit of morning light peeking into the day. I pour the water, measure the coffee and have a minor tussle fitting the unfamiliar coffee pot into place. The rest of the house is asleep, and as I wait for my essential first cup of coffee, I turn to look out the farmhouse window. I turn away; turn back and look again. Yes, it’s a classic double take.

Yesterday I walked the dirt road to this farmhouse thru the crunchy colors of dry autumn leaves. Red. Yellow. Orange. Brown. Today, five days before Thanksgiving, I wake up to a thick blanket of powdery white snow. Everywhere. Undisturbed. Not a footprint in sight. The world is new and it is beautiful.


I have made my way to Glynwood from Half Moon Bay, California to gather with a group of women who run educational farms and ranches. Four of us are from California and two from New York. We share a lot in common, but we also bring a rich variety of life and work experience together. We span an age range of nearly 20 years; we have big families, small families, old families and new families. We are artists, educators, scientists and facilitators; we are nurturers, leaders and horse-whisperers. Most importantly, we share the belief that we can create a better world by sharing the special properties we care for and connecting people to nature, good food and each other.

And so PauseAndTwinkle has been born. That’s our newly adopted name—inspired by one of us (who has the uncanny ability to pause at just the right moment as she pulls you deeply into her latest story) and coined by another of us who called this observation out. And that describes a lot of what we do together. We share our stories, we share our narratives, and we call each other out.

There is a lot of honesty—which means there are tears and laughter. There is also a lot of focus on the future and what we might accomplish in the world. We have figured out that we are all pretty amazing, and we know the world needs us more than ever to think big and play big. At the heart of everything we do, we are conveners of people—people who need to find constructive ways to work together in the world. Sure seems like we could use more of that.

So as I make my way back to California, feeling fresh and new as a blanket of white snow, I thought I’d just send a wish out to family and friends. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope you take some time to pause and get your twinkle on. The world needs you.