…From The Desk Of Jayne Battey

I am in the greenhouse every morning now—or as I keep inadvertently calling it, “the nursery”. It’s an easy mistake, or perhaps the more accurate name. As I unlatch the little door each morning, I am greeted by the smell of fresh dirt, moisture and new green shoots. I can’t help but smile and say good morning to the young peas starting to emerge from their little containers.

It’s spring in Northern California. I’ve lived here for over 25 years and I still marvel at spring arriving in February. While Boston sits under four or five feet of snow (and another foot or more arriving today), Half Moon Bay enjoys some of the best weather of the year. And while I hope we’ll see more rainfall before our rainy season is done, for now we’ll enjoy the sunny days and start to get a jump on the spring garden.

This will be our third year of “farming” at Miramar Farms. It’s a small operation, with less than an acre under cultivation, but it’s amazing how much food you can grow in that space. Our goal this year is to provide the bulk of salad ingredients  for our kitchen, from lettuce to tomatoes to herbs to cucumbers, radish, and more. We’ll also do our best to supply all the squash, beets, berries, eggs, honey and apples our guests can eat. But perhaps equally important, we aspire to have our garden be a place where our guests can explore and be inspired—where they can take a moment and enjoy the quite, the beauty and the seemingly magical appearance of fresh food. So for today, while much of our garden is still just dirt, and perhaps only I can see what it will look like by June, I thought we’d share some of our favorite photos of the garden in bloom. It won’t be long now. Spring is just ahead and summer will follow. Yes Scott Battey, even in Boston.

Round Pea Sprout


Apple Tree blossom

Poppies Blooming