Facilitation and Professional Development

We welcome facilitators and teams from around the globe to the farm. Whether you require just a bit of guidance, or complete program development and facilitation, we’re here to help.

Jayne Battey leads our professional services consulting practice. Jayne has over 25 years of experience in leadership development and team dynamics She is certified in Wiley’s Everything DiSC workstyles assessment tool and is currently doing somatic work to support her focus on personal wellness and team connection.

In addition to hands-on support for our maker workshops, Jayne offers a Team Connection and Culture workshop based on the DiSC Catalyst curriculum. DiSC is a workstyle assessment tool that helps individuals better understand their own work style, as well as how they might better connect with others across differences. All participants receive their personal profile, as well as the ability to access learning tools, on a cloud-based platform.

For more information, contact Jayne directly at jayne@miramarfarms.com.